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About Normand Philippe

Normand Philippe is a Quebec figurative, landscape, self-taught painter, initiated into drawing and painting by his father who was a drawing laureate from the School of Fine Arts in Montreal. Creativity, this magic of artistic expression has always fascinated and inspired the artist.

Normand had the privilege of painting and learning with Mr. Jean-Paul Ladouceur, renowned watercolourist, with Jean-Marc Blier, landscape painter, and with Pierre Legault, landscape painter,
  The latter settled in the magnificent region of Charlevoix to make a living from his art.  I took advantage of their sound advice during outdoor painting sessions and visits to exhibitions.
'' Time stops when I look at a landscape, a scene and an emotion appears which  asks to be expressed. In front of a white canvas, the composition takes shape using light, shadows, structure and colors. I build it from a mixture between the perceived and the felt, between the real and the unreal in order to release a  impression, feeling, emotion.
My paintings are a testimony of my vision of landscapes and scenes from here. They aim to provoke  a dialogue in order to make the viewer experience the same emotion  that I felt at first sight. ''
Oil is the medium used to express with sobriety  and  sensitivity the beauty of the scenes of life that surrounds us.
Normand Philippe

Photo of Normand Philippe artist painter
Carte d'affaire de Normand Philippe artiste peintre
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